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Thursday 04-30-15

Where has the month gone?   But most things never change

What "Six Figures" Means Today

"Six figures."

Hadn't heard that term in a while...that was until I was the unfortunate bystander to a "dude-bro-douche wedding" as I sat in my hotel lobby availing myself of the free internet.

Upon hearing that, sure enough, I looked up from my laptop, and there was your stereotypical frat boy about to take the first step towards getting divorced get married, drunkenly slurring to the security guard about how much he made and she didn't (there will be a VERY interesting story about this in my upcoming

"Dude, you know how much I make!?  SIX FIGURES!  How much do you make 'Ms. Security Guard????'"

So the ole Captain decided to do a little research on the FRED database at the federal reserve to see just how much "Six Figures" was nowadays in terms of "Cappy Dollars."

This presented some minor, but technical problems as there is not universal year in which "six figures" actually meant something.  But since your ole Captain knew that was a lot of money when he graduated from college (in 1997) he decided to arbitrarily use that year as a base and make some calculations and observations from there.

First, "six figures" which was no doubt a princely sum back in 1997, is worth no more than $67,700 today.  Certainly a decent wage for a late 20's/early 30's douche, but not what it meant back in 1997, and certainly nothing to be bragging about to a security guard protecting your drunk frat boy ass at his own wedding.

Second, if you felt compelled to actually make what the equivalent purchasing power of six figures meant back when it meant something, you would have to make $147,500 today to earn those bragging rights.

But the two charts above also point out some interesting observations and the effects of inflation.

As a returning WWII vet, if you made "six figures" in 1947, you were boss.  It would be like making $743,000 today.

If you were a baby boomer, making "six figures" during Ford's administration, you were pulling down the equivalent of $300,000 today.

But sadly, with the effects of inflation, compound/exponential math, today's young "go getters" and "business leaders," "six figures" really doesn't mean anything anymore as it is now an obsolete metric of success, wealth, and income.  You only make $67,700.

So today, if you're going to brag to people about how you make "six figures."  Realize that's like saying to all generations and people before you,

"I'm solid middle management."

You aren't rich.
You aren't special.
And you certainly don't have the right to be degrading people who make less than you.
Hey the system has been broke for years, but no one complains so why fix it?
Report: 36,000 foreign 'birth tourists' here to make U.S. babies
We cannot say with a great deal of certainty how many people are taking advantage of America's citizenship laws by visiting the country to have their children. One potential source of data on "birth tourism", as it is sometimes called, is birth certificate records. But it must be emphasized that the characteristics of mothers and fathers in these records are based on self-reporting. Parents fill out forms in the hospital shortly after the baby is born and, among other questions, are asked their place of birth and their address. However there is no agency that verifies the mother's place of birth, address, or any other information on the birth certificate form.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 896,363 women who gave birth in 2012 indicated that they were born outside of the United States.1 If only 2 or 3 percent of these births were to women who are engaging in birth tourism, that would be 18,000 to 27,000 births annually. While this number would be less than 1 percent of the roughly four million annual births in the United States, the aggregate number of birth tourists babies would still be large, especially the cumulative effect over a number of years.
Another potential source of information that may seem helpful in estimating the number of birth tourists (but is probably of less use than it seems) is the address mothers provide when giving birth. Those engaging in birth tourism typically stay with friends, family, or in some other residential setting arranged by those "selling" birth tourism services immediately before and after they have their babies.
In 2012, 7,955 women gave an overseas address when filling out their birth certificate paperwork.2 But it is not at all clear that those engaging in birth tourism provide an overseas address. The primary purpose of providing an address is to receive the official birth certificate or passport a few weeks after the birth has been registered. But the birth certificate can be requested from your state of birth at any time, including from overseas, for a small fee as long as one has information such as the date of birth, mother's name, etc. There is some anecdotal evidence that birth tourist mothers sometimes provide the address they stay at before or after giving birth, rather than an address in a home country.3
Unfortunately we simply do not know what share of birth tourist mothers provide a U.S. address vs. their overseas address. Further, some share of those providing an overseas address are U.S. citizens returning home to have their child on U.S. soil and are therefore not birth tourists. All of this dramatically reduces the usefulness of the addresses provided with the birth certificate.
A third way to possibly estimate the prevalence of birth tourism is to combine administrative data and Census Bureau data. The American Community Survey (ACS), collected annually by the Bureau asks women if they had a child in the prior 12 months. The survey is designed to reflect the U.S. population as of July 1 of the year the survey was taken, so the survey is recording the number of women living in the country at mid-year who had a child in last half of the prior year and the first half of the year of the survey. In the second half of 2011 and the first half of 2012, the CDC reports 898,975 births to foreign-born mothers.4 The public-use file of the 2012 ACS shows that there were 863,407 foreign-born women who indicated that they had a child in the prior 12 months. The difference between these two numbers is 35,568 and implies that about 36,000 foreign-born women gave birth in the United States in the 12 months before July 1, 2012, but were no longer in the country. While there are a number of important caveats about this number, it provides some idea of the possible number of babies born to birth tourist mothers.5 But it must be emphasized that these numbers are only an estimate based on the very limited data available.

End Notes
It should be noted that this figure includes a modest number of U.S. citizens born aboard of American parents and individuals born in outlying U.S. territories. This definition of the foreign-born is different from the one used by the Census Bureau, which defines the foreign-born as those who were not U.S. citizens at birth. Later in this blog, I compare births to immigrants in Census Bureau data to births in the CDC data and use the CDC definition of the foreign-born. These figures can be found on p. 103 here.
2 See page 62 of the same CDC document in note 1.
3 One advantage of providing a U.S. address is that doing so avoids using a foreign mail system that may be of questionable reliability. But the most important advantage is that if a mother wants to travel back to her home country using a U.S. passport for her new baby, she will need a birth certificate to get the passport. This seems to be a common occurrence. In March 2015, CNN reported that one birth tourist used an address in "a high-end Irvine, Calif., apartment complex where one birth tourism company had rented a number of homes" for her newborn's passport application. A USA Today report on the investigation notes that the birth tourists were "promised Social Security numbers and U.S. passports for their babies before flying back home." On p. 76 of the warrant used to raid several birthing centers, the government lists "California birth certificates" as one of the items to be seized. (Affidavit dated March 2, 2015.) Clearly, the government believes that many of the women using such centers have the birth certificates sent to the centers and not to addresses in their home countries. This makes sense because waiting to get a birth certificate and passport before returning to your home country ensures that the birth has been properly registered and citizenship obtained. But this requires use of a U.S. address. I will add that my own personal experience also indicates that those engaged in birth tourism often provide a U.S. address. An immigrant family in my neighborhood in Fairfax County, Va., has complained to me that a relative who stayed with them before having her baby used their address and the family received bills from the hospital long after the women had delivered her baby and returned to her home country.
4 This is based on the distribution of births across months, with 51 percent of births occurring in the latter half of 2011 and 49 percent of births occurring in the first part of 2012. Data for 2011 can be found here and data for 2012 can be found here.
5 First, it is unknown what share of births are not recorded in state birth records compiled by the CDC. Second, there is both a margin of error in the ACS and some undercount of foreign-born women in that data. Third, some foreign-born women may have had a child and left the country, but they did so after many years of residence and should not be considered birth tourists. Fourth, a person who comes as a birth tourist but has a miscarriage is not supposed to be included in the birth records, only live births are included in the state birth data collected by the CDC. However, such a person would meet the definition of a birth tourist.

Whooping-cough cases rise sharply in Washington state
Whooping cough is continuing to rise in Washington state, particularly among babies too young for vaccination and teens with waning protection, health officials reported Tuesday.
As of April 25, there were 387 cases of pertussis, also known as whooping cough, in Washington, compared with 85 reported cases at the same time last year. Twenty-five of those cases were in babies younger than 1. Of those, six babies were hospitalized, including five aged 3 months or younger.
Pertussis is known for causing uncontrollable coughing that can make it hard to breathe and cause a characteristic “whooping” sound in someone struggling to get air. It can be dangerous, even deadly, for babies and young children.
This is the first sharp rise in cases since a 2012 epidemic that saw nearly 5,000 cases in Washington.


The new cases have technically nudged the state over what’s known as the epidemic threshold, the level at which disease is considered widespread. But pertussis rates have ranged widely among counties, with higher levels in Walla Walla, Jefferson and Kitsap counties, where rates are at least 34 per 100,000 people, and lower rates in King County, with a rate of 2.7 cases per 100,000 people, and Snohomish County, with a rate of 6.3 per 100,000 people.
Twenty-four Washington counties have reported some pertussis activity; 15 have seen none, officials said.
More than 28 percent of the cases so far are in the youngest kids, but more than half are in older kids and teens, ages 10 to 18. That’s likely because of waning effectiveness of the vaccine that protects against pertussis.
Health officials are urging pregnant women and anyone having contact with young babies to get vaccinated against pertussis. Teens may also need booster shots if they haven’t been fully immunized. And everyone should seek medical care and antibiotics at the first sign of illness, officials added.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday 04-29-15

Amish Farmers in New York Denied Gun Rights by SAFE Act

Apparently the SAFE Act is having an unintended consequence for Amish farmers. The Amish maintain a religious objection to being photographed. Before the SAFE Act, private transfers of rifles used to be legal in New York, so the Amish still had means to get a firearm without photo-id. Since SAFE outlawed private transfers, there’s now no way for an Amish person to get around the photo-id issue. New York State has required photo-id for pistol licenses for some time. The Shooter’s Committee on Political Education (SCOPE) is meeting with the farmers to presumably discuss a lawsuit.
The Brady Act essentially requires photo-id to purchase a firearm, and ATF has been pretty clear on the matter:
ATF has been asked whether firearms purchasers may be exempted from the requirement for an identification document with a photograph based on religious objections. The Brady law does not provide for such an exemption. All over-the- counter transfers are subject to the photo identification requirement.
The Brady Act may not provide any exception, but the RFRA certainly does. I would think a plaintiff would easily prevail in a suit against ATF for failing to make a reasonable accommodation under the RFRA.
The SAFE act is another matter, however, being a function of state law. The federal RFRA was ruled not to apply to the states under the 14th Amendment, and unlike most other states, New York has never passed a state analogue. I am not aware of whether or not New York provides religious protection through its courts that is greater than the federal courts provide, but it looks like as of at least 1999 they had not. There has, however, already been a case in the New York courts involving this very subject, from that same article linked previously:
In an interesting application of the state constitution’s free exercise clause, the court in In re Miller recently authorized a religious exemption to a requirement that an applicant for a pistol permit must submit a photograph. An Amish man refused to allow himself to be photographed for the permit on the ground that being photographed was against his religion. In lieu of a photograph, he offered to allow himself to be fingerprinted. The court balanced “the importance of the right asserted” against the governmental “needs and objectives being promoted” and concluded that the defendant’s right to free exercise justified an exemption from the photograph requirement. Although the court did not explicitly spell out a compelling interest test, it did note that “the Assistant Attorney General has argued very ably and cogently that the State’s interests in requiring a photograph are ‘compelling,’ extending beyond mere administrative convenience.” Nevertheless, the court decided that the applicant’s free exercise interest outweighed these compelling state interests because a less restrictive means of identification was available.
This would help them if they pursue relief in state court, but it would seem to me that if it is the federal photo-id requirement that is at issue here, the federal RFRA would be the easiest way to force an accommodation here. If the photo-id requirement is a function of the SAFE act directly, and not just an indirect consequence of banning private transfers, it’s good to see there’s existing cases in the New York Court system that make an accommodation for people’s religious practices and beliefs.
SCOPE may want to consider engaging the ACLU, who has shown a willingness to get involved in these kinds of suits that involve Second Amendment rights, but also touch on some of their traditional areas of litigation, like this case. Their presence on the case may play well with old-school liberal judges (who date back to when liberals cared about civil liberties), and they are experienced at fighting cases like this.

Isn't it obvious? If Operation Jade Helm were happening in any other country, it would be immediately labeled a military drill for martial law

I'm always amazed at how people can be programmed by the mainstream media to ignore the obvious reality happening right in front of their eyes. Right now, America is being lulled into a hypnotic sense of denial while military training for martial law is happening right in their own neighborhoods and city streets. Yet, strangely, no one is allowed to refer to this exercise as training for martial law... even though that's obviously what it is.

Most Americans remain totally unaware of the fact that a massive military drill spanning 10 U.S. states will soon put military troops, helicopters, armored transports and military weapons directly on the streets of communities across the nation. "Operation Jade Helm begins in July and will last for eight weeks," reports the
Daily Mail. "Soldiers will operate in and around towns in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado where some of them will drop from planes while carrying weapons loaded with blanks in what military officials have dubbed Realistic Military Training."

The military drill labels Texas and Utah "hostile territory," where military special ops personnel are supposed to try to covertly move among the public, undetected. As reported in the
Houston Chronicle:

"They're going to set up cells of people and test how well they're able to move around without getting too noticed in the community," said Roy Boyd, chief deputy with the Victoria County Sheriff's Office. "They're testing their abilities to basically blend in with the local environment and not stand out and blow their cover."

Operation Jade Helm is fully described in
this unclassified document which was first publicized by InfoWars and All News Pipeline. Both sites were heavily criticized for suggesting this martial law drill was a martial law drill... in precisely the same way anyone who says the stock market reflects a massive bubble is also heavily criticized even though the stock market, indeed, reflects a massive bubble (it is wildly overvalued thanks to the Fed's money creation schemes).

It is notable in America that Brian Williams, the discredited NBC news anchor who lied to the world about his fictitious journalism escapades, was suspended for six months for lying. Had he been caught telling the truth about the real news, however, he would have been fired for life.

In America today, no truthful analysis or reporting is allowed on any subject that really matters, and the primary function of the news media is to conduct elaborate theater that distracts people from the real world happening around them. Part of this effort involves programming people to psychologically delete from their awareness things which are happening right in front of them. (Is this really possible? Absolutely. Read about the
invisible gorilla on the basketball court experiment in which people fail to see a gorilla right in front of them...)

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Tuesday 04-28-15

Will the dog flu hit D.C.?

In this Tuesday, April 14, 2015, caretaker Dallas Delgado interacts with a dog at the First Class Pet Lodge in Wausau, Wis. A canine flu outbreak has sickened many dogs in the Midwest, and veterinarians are cautioning pet owners to keep their dogs from going...
WASHINGTON — As a strain of canine influenza spreads through the Midwest, local dog owners are perking their ears and wondering: Will it come here?
“I think it’s a distinct possibility that it could get here,” says veterinarian Katy Nelson, also known as Dr. Pawz.
While there aren’t local reports yet, the strain, which appears to have started in Chicago, is reason for dog owners to pay attention and consider their options. 

   “The virus that we’re seeing is different than any one that we’ve had here in the U.S. before. They’ve traced it back to South Korean and Chinese populations. [We’re not] 100 percent sure how it got here. But we have to think Chicago O’Hare had to have something to do with it and people who travel with their pets,” says Nelson.

So far the virus, identified as H3N2, has sickened more than 1,100 dogs in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin.
Like with the flu in humans, the canine version causes cough, runny nose and fever. In more severe cases, a small number of dogs have died.
While a canine flu vaccine is available, it doesn’t include this new strain. Nelson says it’s possible a vaccinated dog could still benefit from cross immunity and better fight the virus if they become exposed, similarly to people.
A canine flu vaccine isn’t a typical vaccine given to dogs, like rabies or parvo/distemper. Pet owners in the D.C. area should specifically bring it up with their veterinarians to discuss whether it’s appropriate.
High traffic pet areas, where lots of dogs are going in and out, are more likely to be of concern during an outbreak. In Chicago, Nelson says, dog owners are being told not to take their dogs places unless it’s necessary.
In Chicago, many dog day cares, popular in more urban environments, say they’ve been hit hard.
The good news is, this flu hasn’t been shown to transmit to humans. It’s a dog’s illness. But Nelson reiterates that good hygiene with pets will help keep them safe as well as keep owners safe from zoonotic diseases. Zoonotic diseases can be transmitted from animal to human.
Examples of parasites and bacteria that animals can transmit include:
“So, just washing your hands, not making out with your pets. Don’t let your dog who just licked his bum stick his tongue in your mouth. These are just common sense things, but using really good hygiene is always highly encouraged.”

Just charged not convicted

N.J. man accused of domestic violence can be denied gun permit, court rules

TRENTON — A New Jersey appeals court ruled Wednesday that a Monmouth County man can legally be denied a gun permit because he was accused of domestic violence in the past, even though he was never convicted.
A three-judge appellate panel ruled that both the Aberdeen police chief and a state Superior Court judge were within their authority under New Jersey law to reject the application of a man — identified only as Z.L. — to buy a handgun and keep it in his home.
Z.L. had applied for a permit in 2013, but a background check revealed that he was arrested in 1998 on a domestic violence charge and that police had been called to his Aberdeen home on five other occasions, according to court papers.
The police chief in the Monmouth County township denied the application though Z.L. was acquitted in 1998, the papers say. The chief said the man's "past history of domestic violence" may be enough to "indicate a public safety concern," the documents say.
Z.L. appealed, and at the trial, he said he struck his wife in the 1998 incident but stressed that it was accidental and that he was acquitted, according to court papers. But Superior Court Judge Ronald Reisner in Monmouth County upheld the chief's denial, saying that Z.L.'s home was "not the place for a firearm."
Z.L. appealed that decision, too. But the appellate panel Wednesday ruled that New Jersey's gun control laws says a person can be denied firearms purchaser identification cards and permits if there is a possible danger "to public health, safety, and welfare."
Judge John Kennedy wrote that Z.L. has shown "the potential for violent reaction."
"The presence of a firearm in such a household enhances the potential for such a reaction to become lethal," Kennedy wrote for the panel.
"Even if an applicant was previously charged with an offense, but not convicted, in a later permit hearing the chief may still present to the court the evidence underlying the charges," Kennedy added. "The 1998 incident was not isolated or aberrational, as appellant claims."
Evan Nappen, Z.L.'s attorney, said the decision is not only disappointing but it sets a dangerous precedent.
"This would not exist anywhere else in the country," said the Eatontown-based attorney. "If you don't have a conviction or a restraining order, and if all you have are mere allegations, you don't lose your constitutional right to possess a firearm."
Nappen said he may appeal the case to the state Supreme Court or appeal directly to the federal courts.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday 04-27-15

National Guard called up to deliver water in Minnesota bird flu fight

(Reuters) - The Minnesota State Emergency Operations Center has called on the National Guard to deliver water for use in the effort to contain the rapidly spreading avian flu virus, the center said on Sunday.
Starting Monday, 30 National Guard soldiers and 15 military water trucks from the Willmar, Minnesota-based 682nd Engineer Battalion and the Brooklyn Park-based A Company, 134th Brigade Support Battalion will be used, the center said in a statement.
Large volumes of water are needed for the foam-based systems being used to cull flocks on infected turkey farms in a bid to contain the spread of the H5N2 virus, the statement said.
The guard members will work through Wednesday as additional water transport resources are identified.
The National Guard became available to be activated for such efforts last week, after Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton declared a state of emergency over the spread of the strain of avian flu, which has lead to the extermination of more than 7.3 million birds in the United States so far.
Minnesota's action followed a similar move by neighboring Wisconsin a few days earlier.
The highly pathogenic H5N2 strain has been identified on 49 Minnesota farms in 17 counties and affected more than 2.6 million birds in the state, according to Minnesota state officials.



Here’s How to Download and Delete What Google Search Knows About You

Here’s How to Download and Delete What Google Search Knows About You

4. If you want to continue, click Create Archive

Once your history is downloaded, you’ll receive a link in a few seconds that lets you view your data.
If you don’t want to download your data, and would rather get rid of it, you can do that as well. Of course, there are some reasons to let Google keep your search data. For one thing, it guarantees faster search results. It also ensures that Google Now has all of the latest relevant information about you. If you delete your data, your searches won’t be as tailored to your habits.

Still want to get rid of your search history? Here’s how:

Before we get started, it’s worth pointing out that if you want to keep your information hidden, you can use your browser’s privacy option, which keeps Google from saving your data — though it can still be seen by your service provider or employer.
Simply deleting you browser history won’t clear the data saved by Google, as you’re only deleting the information stored by your browser and not what’s on Google’s servers. To do that, you’ll have to:
1. Navigate to the Web and App Activity Page and click the gear icon in the top-right corner.

2. Select Remove Items and choose the beginning of time from the drop-down menu.

3.Click Remove and kiss your data goodbye.

That’s it. All of your search history will be deleted, and you’ll never have to worry about Google knowing about the time you looked for tickets to a Justin Bieber concert.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday 04-26-15


Christians Will Soon Be the Pariah to Eradicate

The move of the US and the world is heavily toward ‘internationalism’ and submission to UN-new age and Muslim standards. We have watched Obama lecture the world, and Americans, justifying his illegal and UN Constitutional activities over and over. Remember how Obama marched around Congress, breaching the 1973 War Powers act and throwing us into an illegal and stupid war in Libya. He made sure Gaddafi was conveniently assassinated while arms shipments to Muslim terrorist rebels in Syria was covered up. We were told to bow down to the UN and international demands first not our laws, Congress or reasoning.
The lifeblood of the Obama administration is to attack Christians, parental rights, families and God Himself. Obama and Hillary have been extremely supportive of ‘The Rights of the Child” convention at the U.N. As usual, on the surface everything sounds so good and reasonable. What is wrong with protecting children from predators around the world and preserving rights? That has been the dressing that Obama and Hillary hide behind for years. It is the farthest thing from the truth.
What is really being protected is the complete and total control and then destruction of the sovereign rights that parents have. The UN and their international governing body would forbid spanking and parental rules and guidelines they don’t agree with. Requiring a child to go to church against their will on a Sunday would become a crime and could get your child taken right out of your home. Kids would also be allowed to roam all over the Internet without parental controls and protections. Welcome to the sexual and human trafficking playground children. A pesky parent would have limited if any controls over their child. Remember Hillary’s mantra “It takes a village to raise a child.” Her and Obama believe the same. Parents and God can’t raise the child only the Government and the U.N. Well, I and America have a saying also – “It takes ‘the people’ to crush a dictator. So let’s bring it!
It comes down yet again that Christian and conservative parents are just in the way. This is going to get dramatically worse very soon as the tests get bigger for us all.
Recently James Dobson commented on his show “Family Talk” that if the Supreme Court comes down with the decision he and other Christian leaders expect — for mandated same-sex ‘marriage’ that Christians have glow with targets on their heads. They will quickly become the hated class of people and attacked even more than they are.
Let this new emerging reality roll off your back for a second. If gay marriage becomes the new law of the land, then all its related tentacles could quickly dig a cemetery plot for those who dare to speak up. Can anyone have a stated opinion without dire career and legal consequences regarding marriage and what the Holy Bible says? Will Pastors be threatened, even eventually arrested for preaching on sexual sin on a given Sunday? What about freedom to speak your mind on blogs and in talk radio? There will be traps and progressive spies peppered all over to attack the 1st amendment rights of Christians and conservatives? This is going to happen. The question is what are you going to do about it?
Will you submit and suffer in silence — believe one way and speak another? Many will become ‘two faced’ over night, including many behind the pulpits. When a country and its governing and legal system turns on God will you also?
You had better start figuring out who you are and what you are made of. There are legacies to be made. There are wrongs to be righted and stark evil to confront. Make a good decision as to who you are or go down in compromising flames and get out of the way. I have work to do.